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One of the things that has baffled many of us over the years, is the ‘x’ factor when it comes to success in business.


I know you will and certainly we have had the chance to get to know a vast number of business owners. Some good, some bad, some succeeded, some didn’t.


Partner (BAS Senior Manager or Associate)


Are you a current BAS Senior Manager, Associate or Principal and feeling you have hit a ceiling in your current firm?


Practitioners who haven’t given a lot of thought to an exit strategy are now realising decision time is rapidly coming closer.


Run your mind around the following concentrations of risk:


Good afternoon Practitioners,


In retirement one has plenty of time to think about life in general (particularly when I am not playing golf!!) and one of the constants that I ponder is why we, as a profession, seem so reluctant to let the reins go??


I have spoken to hundreds of practitioners, from one man bands to partners in multinational practices, and the constant that I came across was this reluctance to go!!



Now this may appear to be an obvious question but believe us, a minority of Practitioners need to ask themselves this question. To reiterate, if you want to die still going to work each and every day then don’t ask why!!


Should you just ease back and let the value in your practice dissipate? While trying to carry on and and remain abreast of all the legislative and other changes that occur?


Exit strategies are a sensitive subject when it comes to an Accounting Practice owner looking to exit the practice.


Public Practice in New Zealand is a niche market with an extensive number of chartered firms nationwide, accompanied by Tax agents and independent Accountants; exit strategy has always been a sensitive subject and is a growing issue in NZ. Exit strategy is not one to be discussed when starting a business, however at some stage a business owner will exit.


When selling an accounting practice, one of the most important things to get right is the retention sum.


During my time with Accounting Practices, I have learned a thing or two about how the sales of accounting practices work and the types of issues that come up.


One of the curliest is recourse; particularly when, or if it is due to be paid.


When selling an accounting practice, one of the most important things to get right is the process. It is paramount that you are dealing with the experts that understand the art of the buy/sell/merge of Accounting Practices.


Since 2005, our staff at Accounting Practices have learnt a thing or two about selling an Accounting Practice.


The common questions asked are: