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Will you be going into the Christmas BREAK with a clear conscience?


Christmas is looming and you a have a pile of work to get through so you can close down – for a few days at least – with a clear conscience??


Lots of work to get out the door and also lots of fee accounts to be processed and at least some, to be paid BEFOFE you close!!

Whew, is the most common reaction to the doors closing and the Christmas break!

 Well another year is almost gone and you have SURVIVED or almost??


So as you look back on the year, my guess is most of you will want to do things differently.


Get out of compliance and get into consultancy is one common theme!!


You see, a lot of potential vendors that I have spoken to tell me that they cannot afford to sell and retire!

They, I assume, have been doing the same old thing year in year out since they commenced practice!


Let’s face it, there is that perception that the stereotype accountant is a grey suited, introverted bean counter and this is true to a large extent!


Where is this leading, I hear you ask?


  1. Do things differently next year – use the break to do some PLANNING!!
  2. Use the consulting services of Accounting Practices and lets start planning your EXIT or sourcing maybe a successor or giving you an indicative value on your practice?
  3. Stop being a processor and start networking, becoming more technological savvy.
  4. Plan for your own future and plan when you are going to retire (cashed up!!)
  5. Understand how to keep loyal staff and clients!!
  6.  Start using your skills as a consultant and ask your clients about your added services!!


If you plan to sell or just needing advice then see us first at Accounting Practices Limited.


Give us a call at Accounting Practices Limited, whether it is BUY/SELL/MERGE or needing high end Accountants or Succession Planning!


Just making you also aware that our executive search recruitment team is making huge inroads with accounting firms.


We have already placed a large number of high end Accountants, that you would never find via SEEK or what other agencies solely rely on!!


We don’t work with the actively looking candidates who are just chasing the next package, but working with passively looking candidates, that are loyal and know what they want!!



All the best for the festive season and let’s make 2019 a rewarding YEAR!!!


Riki Sila

A Director of NZ's premier Brokering agency in BUY/SELL/MERGE & Executive search for Accounting Practices .