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Today the burning question is: Why do vendors procrastinate?


We are constantly having discussions with POTENTIAL vendors who can’t seem to make up their minds whether or not to sell.


Now we know that your practice is unique as are you 


This is a business decision and you must leave emotional concerns aside. It is hard to make the decision to sell! We know that you have in all probability spent the best part of your working life working in and on this practice and so the emotional ties are huge.


In our years of working with vendors and potential vendors the greatest thing holding back making that decision is FEAR!


  1. Fear of the new owner wrecking the relationships that you have built up over many years.
  2. Fear of the new owner looking at your files and finding deficiencies! Surely not!!
  3. Fear of what you are going to do?
  4. Fear of having to reduce your standard of living because the drop in income.
  5. Fear of the unknown!!


You will have other fears to add to this list.


But we have been advising clients for years as to the best time to sell their businesses as well as what to do when they do retire. So now it is our turn!!


But think what you no longer have to put up with!!


  1. Arguments over fees!
  2. Demands of client’s at the most inopportune times!
  3. Phone calls at all hours of the days and nights!
  4. Worries over staff!
  5. Lock up getting higher and higher!
  6. Paying the wages next week!
  7. No time to play golf!


Yes, you can add to these as well!


So grab the bull by the horns and sell!


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