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Buy Sell Merge Accounting Practices

There is still a bit of movement in the market with vendors looking at options, there is also been a lot of speculation about a surge of practices for sale on the market as the baby boomers all retire at once. 


As we all know this has not happened…YET!


Various factors come into play such as technology, improved health, and loyal staff members; some are tied into a long lease and hard to break out etc.


In today’s market if you were to look at housing, it is a sellers’ market and this trend continues in the commercial field of selling accounting practices.


However this is not to say, this could easily flip into a buyers’ market one day!

Factors that that could slow that reversal are:

  1.     Baby boomers increased interest in small businesses.
  2.     Commercial accountants keen to work in Public Practice as owners
  3.     Economic conditions point towards an increase in Public Practice
  4.     Baby Boomers becoming more entrepreneurial

There will always be an increase for high quality accounting firms, it does not take an Einstein to work out that there is money to be made in any accounting Practice, you rarely do hear of accounting practices going belly up right?


Here are some listings below that may be of interest to some or many….


Bay of Plenty


$300k (BAS)

  • Practitioner looking to move on due to greener Pastures
  • Loyal Client Base
  • Credible Practitioner


$250k (BAS)

  • Practitioner wanting to merge/options
  • MYOB
  • Excellent in marketing for new business
  • Growing organic




$400k (BAS)


  • Looking at other options
  • Running the practice for over 20 years
  • Xero based firm
  • Affluent area


$750k (BAS)

  • Sole Director
  • Profitable firm
  • Stand alone to run on its own with current staff





$1 million-3million + (x2)

  • Credible Partners looking at options to move
  • Open to discussions
  • Partners prefer to stay on for transition
  • Xero based firms


$700k FEE Base

  • Shared Costs
  • Credible Practice
  • Looking for someone who understands business
  • CA and preferably CPP?




  • Boutique Firm
  • Director looking to retire
  • Over 25 years in Practice
  • Possibility of building as part of package


If you are interested or just needing market advice then call the EXPERTS - Accounting Practices.


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