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The market has picked up in recent months and I can see the demand for top end Accountants going up another level.


Over the years Accounting Practices have built up their reputation on service, transparency and keeping our clients in touch with what is going on in the market.


It is great to be inundated with calls from clients requesting our services to assist them in sourcing the right candidate.


The same scenarios I hear all the time from our clients "Too many agencies just sending through any CV and hoping it sticks"


My response to our clients is this "They don't understand the market, they don't value their reputation  and most importantly don't understand you as a client".


I have told my staff many times, this is not a numbers game but a client relationship game! Understand your clients wants and needs so that the sourcing becomes easier.


At the moment our recruitment team are looking for a number of quality candidates exclusive:


  1. Intermediate x 3
  2. Senior x 4
  3. Manager x 3
  4. Senior Manager/Associate
  5. Associate/Director x 3 ( high option for succession planning)

"Interested or know someone that is?

We do have referral vouchers based on a successful placement 09 363 9584