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This blog is intended for "First time Accountants" looking to leave their current firm and head into "greener pasture" or so some will say!


A few simple pertinent points before you even think about heading into ownership are listed below:

  • Are you mentally prepared to do the hard yards
  • Have you crunched the numbers and have the capital to cover your bills ie mortgage, power, HP's, Kids fees etc
  • Are you physically fit or looking after your body! ( Stress levels in ownership is part of the process)
  • Something we may laugh about, however have you seriously sat down and gone into detail about this transition from employee to owner with your significant other?
  • Do you have a mentor or someone that can guide you through the "climbing" phase of starting out?
  • Learn to accept "rejection" and the words" no thanks" as part of starting and growing your business ( not everyone is going to like you)

We have mentored and assisted countless number of Accountants from employee to ownership; there are various methods as we know.


Our expert knowledge in the Accounting market is without question.


Don’t leave the most important decision in your working life to the inexperienced, talk to the EXPERTS at Accounting Practices Limited.


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