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Our wide knowledge of the profession gained since 2005, has always been based first and foremost on helping both the vendor and purchaser achieve a suitable outcome. Sometimes, of course this means no deal takes place, but both parties have gained knowledge which will help them in the future! In most cases both parties have to be prepared to modify their expectations to enable the deal to go ahead. How many times have we seen this when our clients wish to exit!!

Option 1

You may think that this is a bit of a dry subject! It is BUT it is very important! And you may think that as you are not selling your business and have no intention of doing so, it will not apply to you!




I was talking to Don Wood the other day (the founder of Accounting Practices) – he is now retired and living on the Gold Coast – and the problems and opportunities that we are currently facing, are the same problems he faced when he was in practice and also found talking to practitioners when he founded Accounting  Practices.


There seems to be a lot of activity going on in the Public Practice market at present.


We have sold countless CA firms and this is not including the many high end Accountants we have placed in succession planning across Auckland and beyond.


Are you at a stage in your career, where you have hit a ceiling?

Are you needing genuine career advice, without the sales pitch?

At Accounting Practices, we have a proven track record in placing high end chartered Accountants in firms across NZ.

We have been inundated with many Partners asking Accounting Practices: when is the best or right time to sell?


As we know, a full calendar year is a long time! However, it can come and go in a heartbeat.


As you know, my line of work every day involves talking, advising and consulting with Accounting Partners about the BUY/SELL/MERGE or succession option.


I recently spoke with a Partner that was looking over their shoulder towards retirement.