Accounting Practices

Buy Sell Merge Accounting Practices


 As you know, my line of work every day involves talking, advising and consulting with Accounting Partners about the BUY/SELL/MERGE or succession option.

We have sold a number of practices this year alone, and continue to build a strong pipeline moving forward.


Thinking of a SWITCH to another  CA firm?


I know I have spoken about this many times over the years; it is something as an “expert” I have come across many times with high end Accountants!


As the new financial year approaches, many firms will now be looking at new challenges ahead! Many firms are faced with client retention; some firms are struggling to understand their clients business in general and where value can be identified and added moving forward.


The Accounting industry as we know is continually evolving, what we are seeing at the moment with the many firms we are working with is that costs vs. income are forever increasing and some firms are finding this difficult to deal with.


Some common factors we have noticed are:


Last month I placed an Accountant with one of my loyal clients, this client happened to inform me that they were called by another agency complaining they should have gone through them!

My client replied, if you actually listened to my job specifics rather than send me "countless and pointless" CVs then maybe I would have taken the time to sift through your CV's! ( All too familiar in the recruitment game?, Too many unqualified agents flooding the market thinking they are specialist but are just another "cowboy"!! )

The selling process is vital!!!

Look no further than our expertise when you use our services to Broker the best DEAL for your practice. We ensure we vet the Buyer to ensure we understand they are genuine in thier approach and not a "tyre kicker" looking to fish around!

If your short list doesn’t have strength in depth, you may move forward with a selected buyer only to find you have no immediate replacement if they drop out.

The financial year is near and you are probably either winding down following a great financial year or contemplating whether to sell Buy, Merge or let go of the reins and source a successor?


Some of you are thinking, well I SURVIVED or almost??


Sole practitioner operating from a small office space?

Life is short and things can get lonely talking to the four corners?

Lets talk about strategies to assist you growing your practice forward!!

We have  many options to cater for your requirments, if you seriously want "EXPERT" advice then lets doscuss in confidence.

Don't wait until its too late!!, Go out and get that "X"factor back and get excited about being a chartered accountant and growing your own practice!!

Lets talk in confidence:


The market has picked up in recent months and I can see the demand for top end Accountants going up another level.


Over the years Accounting Practices have built up their reputation on service, transparency and keeping our clients in touch with what is going on in the market.