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Buy Sell Merge Accounting Practices

Are you an Accountant looking at furthering your career? Are you showing or experiencing any signs below?

  • Frustrated due to lack of progression
  • Frustrated at seeing the same old ‘generic’ job ads by the same agencies, only to find out most if not all of them are just fishing or lack substance on specifics?
  • Boxed into compliance and not given the opportunity to showcase your advisory/consulting skills
  • Lack of resources in your current firm and unable to cross train or learn new skills
  • The firm is not technological savvy or Partners not embracing change with technology
  • Feel that you’re not given the opportunity to business develop/meet clients
  • An Accountant that was promised a promotion to manager, Associate or Partner, only to see that someone outside of the firm or within was promoted over you?
  • Salary Director far too long and not given equity options?

We’ve heard all the reasons for why candidates in their current firms are unhappy and are looking elsewhere. We have an excellent track record in placing high end accountants into firms that are the ‘right fit’.


Our success stories over the years have been more at the Manager/Associate/Director to Equity Director Level in accounting firms.


We also have a strong brokerage team that assist accounting firms nationwide in the BUY/SELL/MERGE of Accounting Practices.


On the market front, we have come across numerous firms, where the business owner has left it too late to source a successor. It is due to this reason; many clients have dropped off or moved to another competitor. Another firm has been looking for over 10 years, and unable to find the right individual to take over the business.


At Professional Practices, we want to ensure it is a smooth process, to ensure there is no stress or issues. We understand the whole process can be very stressful and that business owners can be emotionally attached.


That is why our team consists of ex Business owners that have previously owned an Accounting Practice, that can assist or advise in the process.


One of our members is currently still a CA and CPP holder, who streamlines and ensures our market knowledge is current.


If you want market advice or genuine career opportunities, you need to contact the experts at Professional Practices in confidence.


We don’t just walk and talk the CA profession; we know how the Accounting market ticks!


Contact the experts today at Professional Practices or Visit us at our newly relocated office premises at: 55 Shortland Street, Level 12.
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